Bowl – Pecan ‘green’ turned. No.10


This bowl is made from locally sourced, salvaged wood from the Coffs Harbour area. The tree is cut up by hand with a chainsaw and then woodturned immediately. The gentle wavy edge is produced by the shrinkage that takes place as the timber dries. We have no real control as to what happens at this point. Nature will do it’s own thing. The crack you see in the bowl is a natural deformity that opened up during the drying process. When this bowl was finished it was symmetrical and surface was smooth to touch. Once dry, it has a wavy edge and is rippled on the surface in spots. Each piece like this is ultimately unique and can’t be replicated, no matter how hard we try, making it a very special piece for your home. The completed bowl has a hand rubbed oil finish to highlight the colour and grain of wood. Handcrafted by David Barden.

Dimensions – 260mm diameter x 90mm high approx.

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