About David Barden

David Barden has taken his skill at wood-turning and created an art form. Nature is the inspiration behind each piece. Drawing on the beauty of nature, David creates fine turned home wares sourcing stimulation from the wood itself along with the landscape the wood grew in.

Wood We Create_085

Since discovering his talent for wood-turning while in his teens, David has developed an individual and distinctive style, using skills he has learnt in his engineering trade along with his natural creative flair. The joining of his creative genius along with his engineering perfection allow for an incredible product for you the buyer.

While understanding the uniqueness of each piece of timber, its history and its charm, David’s talents allow him to create one off originals for the discerning collector, a giving piece of nature for the environmentally conscious or a functional item for any home maker. Like the wood from which they evolve, each piece is original and unique.

As a craftsman and artist, David’s work highlights the natural beauty and versatility of wood – enhancing the many colours, textures and uses of timber - the WOOD WE CREATE.

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