Small Items

  • Bell – Various Timbers

    Bell – turned in various timbers.

    Cute little gift to place on your mantel piece, or great keepsake for the collector made from different species of timbers. They are finished with a hand rubbed oil finish that enhances the colour and grain of each different timber. And yes, they do have a working bead glued in. Although, I don’t think you’d get anyone to come for dinner.…HaHaHa. Handcrafted by David Barden.

    Dimensions – 25mm diameter x 100mm

  • Buttons – carved, set of 5

    Carved buttons – set of 5, by Phillip Doye (Fig and Spoon)

  • Buttons – Timber

    Buttons – timber branch.

    Add a little bit of country style to your hand made special piece of sewing or knitting. Or maybe a precious teddy bear needs some new eyes. You are only limited by your imagination.

  • Keyring – Kit Form, Gold

    Keyring – kit form, various timbers .

    Everyone needs keyrings!!!! These keyrings are simple design and sturdy, with a brass tube insert to strengthen them. Tactile in your hands and comfortable when placed in your pocket. Easliy distinguishable as ‘your’ keys and not to small to lose them quickly. Whether its car keys or house keys, you will enjoy your special piece of nature to put your keys on.

    Handcrafted by David Barden, another piece of Wood We Create.

  • Pear – Various Timbers

    Turned pear in various timbers.

    Arranged in a bowl, on their own or combined with other types of wooden fruit, these decorative, colourful wooden miniature pears, are sure to delight. Start a collection, mix and match colours and varieties of wood, all pieces made on-site. If you’re after a specific timber type, contact the Gallery to see if we can create it for you.

    Approximately 50mm in diameter.

    Handcrafted by David Barden, Wood We Create.


  • Season Tree – mini. ST

    Mini Season Tree – various Timbers for each season.

    Item no. 1140

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