We offer Tuition in woodturning and associate techniques and procedures. Anything from the tools and sharpening to embellishment of surfaces, including Pyrography, paint application, woodturning and carving. So if you have always wanted to give woodturning a go, now’s the time to ask a few questions and give it a go. Likewise if you are wanting to add some flair to your work with adding texture and the like but don’t know where to start, drop us an email or give us a call.

There’s no time like the present. As David says quite frequently “The techniques can be learnt quite quickly and yet take you a lifetime to master, but the journey is fun and packed full of pleasure working with wood”. We are all learning all the time.

Beginner Lessons

David has created a number of lessons to introduce the tools of turning, the techniques of turning and the art of turning.  Over 4 lessons you can learn the basics of spindle and faceplate turning, incorporating the use of tools, safety and technical knowledge.

Particpants will be given notes on techniques and tools along with making pieces using the techniques learnt.

Classes are completed in 2 hours and can be spread out or completed in 4 consecutive days, depending on availability.

Lessons are $100 for each lesson per particpant or discounted to $350 per participant if all four lessons are booked at one time.

Contact David on 0412 085 634 for availability or to book your lesson.

Turning Time

For those of you who know a little about woodturning or want to further develop your skills, David has made his workshop available for turners who may want some assistance to refine skills or may be on holidays and missing time in the shed.

The cost is $60 per hour and includes material for one piece.  Bookings must be made and will be given dependent on availability.

Contact David to book in or enquire on 0412 085 634.

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