• Needle Case – Square, various timbers

    Needle case – square, various timbers.

    Square shaped Needle Case for all those precious needles in your sewing kit. A must for all sewers!! Designed and Handcrafted at Wood We Create, by David Barden. Available in various timbers. If you can’t see the colour or species of wood you are looking for, contact the gallery to see if we are able to help you out, as not all species available are listed here but can be custom made for you.

    Dimensions – Approx. 100mm long x 25mm x 25mm

  • Placeholder

    Pen/Pencil Holder – Not Turned

    Pen/pencil holder – sanded, various timbers

  • Picture Frame – Rectangular

    Picture frame rectangular with turned round hole to receive photograph. Made in various timbers.

    We all have that photo that we place in the home to remind us of that special time or person dear to us. These handmade photo frames are a stunning presentation piece on the mantel place with that favourite pic you have wondered what do with. The frames are available in various timbers to give a choice of colour to suit your home and have an acrylic glass to resist breaking when sent via post. If you can’t find the timber colour you desire, please contact the gallery and we will endeavour to help you out.

    Handcrafted by David Barden, Wood We Create.

  • Vase – With Test Tube Centre

    Vase with test tube. Able to place live flower in water. Rectangular with turned round hole. Made in various timbers.

    Stylishly designed and handcrafted at Wood We Create, by David Barden, these Vases make a wonderful addition to the side table or mantel piece. Just place water in the test tube, cut a small stem of that gorgeous flower in the garden and place into the test tube to enjoy for days. Made from various timbers, salvaged from the Coffs Coast. Whether for yourself or that special person as a gift, they are guaranteed to brighten your day. Available in a selection of timbers, but if you can’t see the timber or colour you would like, call the gallery and we will custom make one to your desire.


  • Wine Bottle 1 – Various Timbers

    Wine bottle – turned, full size, Champagne style, various timbers

  • Wine bottle stopper – Deluxe

    Wine bottle stopper with stainless stop with rubber rings.

    The Deluxe model of wine bottle stoppers. These stoppers have stainless steel end with a rubber seal, and a turned timber handle screwed onto the stainless steel. Don’t throw that left over wine out. Place a wine bottle stopper in it and enjoy later. Great accompaniment for that bottle of wine you are taking to that friends party. They also look great in the bar at home. Available in a variety of timbers to suit your own taste. Cheers!!

    Handcrafted by David Barden, Wood We Create.

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