• Toaster / Antipasto Tongs – Timber.

    These slim, timber Toaster / Antipasto Tongs are just the item for safely removing toast from the toaster. Made of wood they are nonconductive to save your hands from being burnt or electrocuted. Also , doubling as Antipasto Tongs for that next entertaining dinner you have organised. The classy way to entertain. Bon appetite!!!

  • Vase with test tube.

    Stylishly designed and handcrafted at Wood We Create, by David Barden, these Vases make a wonderful addition to the side table or mantel piece. Just place water in the test tube, cut a small stem of that gorgeous flower in the garden and place into the test tube to enjoy for days. Made from various timbers, salvaged from the Coffs Coast. Whether for yourself or that special person as a gift, they are guaranteed to brighten your day. Available in a selection of timbers, but if you can’t see the timber or colour you would like, call the gallery and we will custom make one to your desire.

  • Wine Bottle Coaster – Various Timbers.

    Looking for that stylish accompaniment for that special celebratory bottle of wine? Look no further. Designed to stop those nasty water marks on the table as well as turn heads when you display that wine bottle on the dinner table. Or maybe you just wanted to add a little extra to the bottle of wine you are giving as a gift on the weekend? Handcrafted by David Barden, Wood We Create. Available in various timbers to suit all tastes. (sorry about the pun). But if you are unable to find the timber or colour you like, call the gallery and we can custom make on to your desire.

    Dimensions – 150mm diameter approx. Centre diameter to hold wine bottle approx. 90mm diameter.

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