Silky Oak

A medium-sized hardwood of the coastal rainforests between the Clarence River in NSW and the Maryborough district of QLD. Planted extensively as a garden tree and street tree in many parts of Australia. Heartwood pinkish brown with prominent rays of darker colour. Sapwood paler, but not always distinguishable.

  • Apples – Various Timbers.

    Arranged in a bowl, on their own or combined with other types of wooden fruit, these decorative, colourful wooden miniature apples, are sure to delight. Start a collection, mix and match colours and varieties of wood, all pieces made on-site. If you’re after a specific timber type, contact the Gallery to see if we can create it for you.

    Approximately 50mm in diameter.

    Handcrafted by David Barden, Wood We Create gallery.

  • Bananas – Various Timbers.

    A banana that lasts forever, wooden bananas appear life like and can be used to accessorise your kitchen or dining area. Made from different types of timber including Silky Oak, Camphor Laurel and Jacaranda, the turned and carved pieces look great on their own or displayed with turned apples and pears.
    Dimensions – 160mm long.

  • Bangles – Various Timbers

    A unique and handmade fashion accessory, using colourful timber, these bangles suit any style of apparel worn. The bangles range from narrow, petite styles to wider, more noticeable styles, made in a variety of diameters and timbers. A piece of jewellery that will last a lifetime. Handcrafted by David Barden.

  • Bells – Small, various timbers

    Cute little gift to place on your mantel piece, or great for the collector of those little keepsakes and different species of timbers. They are finished with a hand rubbed oil finish that enhances the colour and grain of each different timber. And yes, they do have a working bead glued in. Although, I don’t think you’d get anyone for dinner with it…HaHaHa.  Handcrafted by David Barden, Wood We Create.

    Dimensions – 25mm diameter x 100mm approx.

  • Bottle/Stubby Opener – No magnet

    Standard Bottle or Stubby opener with magnets. Able to open flip tops. Great for use at the home bar. Stand out and be the envy of all your friends with these unique handmade bottle openers. Available in various timbers. Handcrafted by David Barden, Wood We create.

    Dimensions – approx. 60mm diameter.

  • Bottle/Stubby Opener with fridge magnets.

    Magnetic Bottle or Stubby Openers turned and available in various timbers. Able to open, twist tops, flip tops and has magnets to allow you to store the bottle opener on the fridge. Great gift for that special person and their bar. Handcrafted at Wood We Create, by David Barden.

    Dimensions – Approx. 90mm diameter

  • Bread Knife – Stainless Steel with timber handle

    Handcrafted in a range of timbers, coupled with a stainless steel blade, these implements make an exclusive gift for the discerning buyer. The handles are hand turned making them as individual as the timber they are created from. Accompanied by the appropriate board these bread knives make a truly personal gift for engagement, house warming, or just to say thank you to that special person. Available in various timbers. If you can’t see the colour or timber you are looking for, call the gallery and let us make one to suit your needs. Handcrafted by David Barden, Wood We Create.

  • Bread Knife – Various Timbers.

    Crafted from a range of timbers, coupled with a Sheffield stainless steel blade these Bread Knifes are practical, yet beautiful. Individually styled handles create a unique gift or a durable utensil. Bread Knifes can be matched with timber cutting boards for a complete set. If you require a specific timber that is not listed below, please contact the gallery for other available timbers.

    Handcrafted by David Barden.

  • Brooch – Various Timbers

    Brooches handmade in a variety of timbers to suit any apparel. Stand out in the crowd with a unique Brooch that everyone will admire. Available in a variety of timbers. Handcrafted by David Barden, Wood We Create.

    Dimensions – 35mm – 40mm diameter approx.

  • Business Card Holder – Various Timbers.

    Looking for that professional way to display your business cards? Look no further than a handcrafted timber Business Card Holder. Place the business cards between the rollers and position on your desk. A gift of distinction that tells your clients that you mean business. Business cards are able to be held in either portrait or landscape. Handcrafted at Wood We Create, by David Barden, using locally salvaged timber from the Coffs Coast. If the timber you are after is not listed, contact the gallery as other timbers are often available.

  • Cheese Knife – Heart Shaped

    Another variation of Cheese Knife is this elegant heart shape. For those who don’t just want an ordinary cheese knife for the entertaining area. They suit various types of cheeses and are guaranteed to impress. Coupled with the array of cheeses on a special board and a bottle of wine, you’ll be the talking point of the party. Stainless steel blade with a handmade woodturned handle. Handcrafted by David Barden, Wood We Create. If you can’t find the cheese knife in the particular timber or colour, contact us at the gallery and talk to us about other available timbers we may be able to make for you.

  • Cheese Knife – Holey axe type.

    A unique and interesting design of Cheese Knife. An ‘Axe’ style cheese knife blade in stainless steel with a woodturned handle. Be different, stand out from the crowd and be the envy of your guests. Simply place out with your Cheese Board and enjoy your entertaining. Available in a variety of different timbers.  Handcrafted by David Barden, Wood We Create. If you can’t see the timber handle you are after, contact the gallery and maybe we can make one especially to suit your needs.

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