Sydney Blue Gum

Large commonly occurring hardwood of East Coast Aus. From Batemans Bay, NSW to Southern QLD. Heartwood dark pink to red-brown. Sapwood usually sufficiently paler to be readily distinguished. Texture moderately coarse and even. Grain straight or slightly interlocked. Gum veins common.

  • Apples – Various Timbers.

    Arranged in a bowl, on their own or combined with other types of wooden fruit, these decorative, colourful wooden miniature apples, are sure to delight. Start a collection, mix and match colours and varieties of wood, all pieces made on-site. If you’re after a specific timber type, contact the Gallery to see if we can create it for you.

    Approximately 50mm in diameter.

    Handcrafted by David Barden, Wood We Create gallery.

  • Bananas – Various Timbers.

    A banana that lasts forever, wooden bananas appear life like and can be used to accessorise your kitchen or dining area. Made from different types of timber including Silky Oak, Camphor Laurel and Jacaranda, the turned and carved pieces look great on their own or displayed with turned apples and pears.
    Dimensions – 160mm long.

  • Bangles – Various Timbers

    A unique and handmade fashion accessory, using colourful timber, these bangles suit any style of apparel worn. The bangles range from narrow, petite styles to wider, more noticeable styles, made in a variety of diameters and timbers. A piece of jewellery that will last a lifetime. Handcrafted by David Barden.

  • Bells – Small, various timbers

    Cute little gift to place on your mantel piece, or great for the collector of those little keepsakes and different species of timbers. They are finished with a hand rubbed oil finish that enhances the colour and grain of each different timber. And yes, they do have a working bead glued in. Although, I don’t think you’d get anyone for dinner with it…HaHaHa.  Handcrafted by David Barden, Wood We Create.

    Dimensions – 25mm diameter x 100mm approx.

  • Bottle Open – Stainless Steel with Timber Handle.

    Bottle opener with woodturned timber handle, in various timbers. Every bar should have magnificent accessories contained in it. Look the part and brighten up your bar with one of these handcrafted bottle openers. Great, also as a gift for that special bloke in your life. You’ll have everyone talking about it when they visit. If you can’t find the colour or timber species that you like in the online shop, give us a call at the gallery and we will help you out. Other timber types are often available from the Gallery. Handcrafted by David Barden, Wood We Create.

  • Bottle/Stubby Opener – No magnet

    Standard Bottle or Stubby opener with magnets. Able to open flip tops. Great for use at the home bar. Stand out and be the envy of all your friends with these unique handmade bottle openers. Available in various timbers. Handcrafted by David Barden, Wood We create.

    Dimensions – approx. 60mm diameter.

  • Bread Knife – Stainless Steel with timber handle

    Handcrafted in a range of timbers, coupled with a stainless steel blade, these implements make an exclusive gift for the discerning buyer. The handles are hand turned making them as individual as the timber they are created from. Accompanied by the appropriate board these bread knives make a truly personal gift for engagement, house warming, or just to say thank you to that special person. Available in various timbers. If you can’t see the colour or timber you are looking for, call the gallery and let us make one to suit your needs. Handcrafted by David Barden, Wood We Create.

  • Bread Knife – Various Timbers.

    Crafted from a range of timbers, coupled with a Sheffield stainless steel blade these Bread Knifes are practical, yet beautiful. Individually styled handles create a unique gift or a durable utensil. Bread Knifes can be matched with timber cutting boards for a complete set. If you require a specific timber that is not listed below, please contact the gallery for other available timbers.

    Handcrafted by David Barden.

  • Bud Vases – Various Timbers.

    Bud Vases for dried flowers. Great little addition to the mantel piece or side board. Just place a small dried flower in the vase to brighten up that little space in the home or office. Available in various timbers. If you would like more information on these vases, contacted David at the gallery, and he’ll be happy to help you out. Handcrafted at Wood We Create, by David Barden.

    Dimensions – 50mm diameter approx.

  • Cheese Knife – Various Timbers.

    Combining a stainless steel blade and a turned wooden handle, these unique cheese knifes are available in an assortment of timbers to complement a variety of décors. Combined with a cheese board, it is the perfect way to enjoy a slice…or chunk of cheese. If you’re looking for a specific timber not listed below, please contact the gallery for other options.

    Handcrafted by David Barden.

  • Cheese Plane – Stainless steel with timber handle.

    Cheese Planes are designed to make it easy to safely produce consistently thin, even slices from semi hard cheeses. Using even pressure, simply pull the blade across a cheese wedge or block to produce uniform slices of cheese. Couple that with the exquisite timber woodturned handle and they are the complete package to make you the talk of the party. Handcrafted by David Barden, Wood We Create.

  • Corkstops – Various Timbers.

    Don’t waste a drop of your favourite wine. Save it for another day by using a handcrafted corkstop to seal the bottle. Available in a choice of timbers, these are great to use yourself or an ideal gift when accompanied with a bottle of wine. Currently available in Silky Oak, Blue Gum, Camphor Laurel and Jacaranda.

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